Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask
Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask
Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask
Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask
Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask
Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask

Lickity Split Latex-FREE Mani Mask


My supplier is having issues that have caused a long delay in my bulk order of this. I'm doing all I can and will get it back in stock as soon as I possibly can. Thank you for your patience.

Lickity Split Latex-Free Mani Mask, a liquid barrier to paint on the skin around nails when doing messy nail art like sponging or water marbling. Once you're done, just peel it off and clean up is done! 15 ml bottle.

What's different about this one from the latex version?

  • Contains no latex or rubber, safe for those with latex allergies.
  • Very mild scent, better for those sensitive to the latex odor.
  • Thicker and more stringy, requires a bit more careful application, but still easy to use. You can see this in the bottle photo. 
  • Slower to dry.

This does not contain latex and is safe for those with latex allergies! Still, please test on a small patch of skin before using to assure you aren't sensitive to the ingredients. Contains water, alcohol, cucumber extract, mango extract, coloring agents, aspergillus ferment, licorice root extract, benzophenone-4, disodium edta, fragrance

Washes off with soap and water but I still recommend protecting your work surface and clothing as it can make quite a mess. Not for use by unsupervised children. Do not ingest.

Directions: Simply paint on skin around nails where you don't want the polish to be! The product is stringy and thick, this is normal and doesn't mean it has gone bad. Allow to dry before polishing. This is slower to dry than the latex version, a thick coat may take 5 minutes or so, but a thin coat is sufficient and will dry faster. The non-staining green color makes it easy to see that your entire area is covered well. Wipe excess off of bottle neck and close tightly after each use. After polishing, grab the edge of the dried product with a tweezer and peel off while the polish is still wet.

This can also be used to make lines or designs on your nails to mask areas for nail art. Clean any nail art brushes used with it right away.

This is a re-bottled product, I did not make it. I'm simply packaging it in a conveniently sized bottle with a brush for easier use in nail art. Bulk sizes can be found where cosplay or stage makeup is sold.

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