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Lickity Split Latex Mani Mask

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PLEASE NOTE: this product can be ruined by very cold temperatures. I can't be responsible if it is damaged by winter weather in transit. 

Lickity Split Latex Mani Mask, a liquid latex to make manicure clean up a snap. Once you're done, just peel it off and clean up is done! 15 ml bottle.

Allergen Alert! Do not use if you have a latex allergy or sensitivity. Please test on a small patch of skin before using to assure you aren't sensitive to the ingredients. Contains natural rubber latex, water, and non-staining pigment.

This product can be used to:

  • Paint on the skin around nails when doing messy nail art like sponging or water marbling. Blue option recommended because it's easier to see that your entire area is covered well.
  • Mask portions of the nail for color blocking manicures, either directly on the nail or over dry polish.
  • Paint on bare nails as a short term peel-off base coat for quick as a wink removal. Perfect for bloggers swatching multiple polishes in a row. Clear option recommended so it doesn't show through your polish. Because it peels so easily, it's not recommended as a base coat for normal wear.

This product is ammonia-free but still has a strong odor. Use in a well ventilated area.

Protect your work surface and especially avoid getting on fabric, carpet, or hair. It will be difficult to remove from hair and will not wash out of cloth. Clean out of nail art brushes immediately.

Not for use by unsupervised children. Do not ingest.

Directions: Simply paint on the area you want to mask as shown in photos. Allow to dry before polishing, the blue will dry to a darker shade and the clear will start out white and dry clear so you know when it's ready. Wipe excess off of bottle neck and close tightly after each use. After you polish, grab the edge of the dried latex with a tweezer and peel off while the polish is still wet.

This is a re-bottled product, I did not make it. I'm simply packaging it in a conveniently sized bottle with a brush for easier use in nail art. Bulk sizes can be found where cosplay or stage makeup is sold.

Water marble photos show the same product in white. Photos are courtesy of I Feel Polished. Her quick video tutorial can be seen on Instagram.

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