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Czech Glass Nail File

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I searched until I found the very best etched texture glass files out there and custom ordered these all the way from the Czech Republic. This file will keep its texture for years and years and with a simple soap and water wash when needed it will last practically forever! Or in my case, until the beast who lives in my purse swallows it up.

Glass files are so much better for your nails than metal files or emery boards. They smooth gently without splintering or cracking the edge of the nail.

The file measures 5.25 inches, big enough to fit comfortably in your hand but small enough to carry in your purse!

The purple plastic hard case holds your file snugly to protect it from breakage.

Please use caution, these are breakable and should be handled with care.

Filing tips:
1. File gently in single strokes from the outer edge to the center, sawing back and forth is rough on your nails.
2. Only file the free edge of the nail, never across the top of the nail bed as this will thin and weaken your nails.

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