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Nail Polish Bottle Key Chain

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The original polish keychain!

These make fantastic team gifts or shower favors!

One handmade key chain made from a mini sized polish bottle. The polish is dried inside so no worries about spills in your purse! Attached with a silver toned ball chain and loop attachment to a standard key ring.

Can also be used as a zipper pull on a purse or bag, a lamp pull, a ceiling fan pull, a rearview mirror doo-dad, or anything you come up with!

This is real glass. A few testers have been given a good long rough and tumble, drop on the floor, throw across the room wear test with no chips or breaks. I didn't try to smash them with a hammer, but with normal rough use I could not break one. However it's always possible that the glass could break so please use caution.

The pre-made choices are ready to ship and will vary in availability.

The custom choice can be made with any of my polishes except the most sheer ones. Include a note on the checkout page telling me which you want and please allow a week before shipping.

After extended normal use sometimes the chain breaks or the cap gets scratched up. Replacement caps are available for $1.50. Please don't use on a bottle with polish in it as it will leak.

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